Puppet’s Lament

Poem by Triveni Raval-Dave I am a puppet who dancesWalks the way my master wantsI am his breadwinnerEnd of each dayHe dumps me in the same old box Throwing me in darknessBut I am luckyHis children sleep cold and hungryIn my warm box I don’t need foodI am a puppet

Beginning – Yikes!!!

Great Walk – purpose was to write a story Nick and I went for a walk as part of the course we are doing.I put on my boots which I had left outside the front door. Having done up the laces and ready to go I waited for Nick near the front of the driveway […]

Writer’s block? I have an unusual solution…

New creative project with too much choice? When you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, it can be surprisingly difficult to get started on a new project. Whether it’s writing, drawing or painting, or even an English essay or first business report, it’s the fear of messing up or going in […]

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